Considerations Before Opting Out

Understand what you’re opting-out from. REDX helps real estate professionals connect with people who would like to sell their home. You may choose to opt-out of receiving this service from agents who use REDX, but by doing so you will also eliminate your opportunities to interview and hire a qualified real estate professional to assist in the sale of your property at top market value. Because the best agents in the country use REDX, you will receive fewer phone calls, especially from the agents in your area who have a reputation for being the best at selling homes.

REDX provides the real estate industry’s most accurate data, aggregated and validated through a series of rigorous processes. We use only information acquired permissibly from reliable sources. Along with respecting your privacy, REDX respects your right to have your number removed from our system.

Who Will be Impacted by Opting Out?

Your choice to opt out of REDX will only impact real estate professionals using our data products as we are one of many systems that help real estate professionals locate publicly available contact information. We will remove the number from our system but are unable to update any other public record or other systems.

Therefore, we suggest you also consider opting-out directly from any company that sends you unwanted solicitations. Bear in mind that opting out doesn’t mean you won’t receive any marketing offers or digital advertising.

Helpful Resources

Before opting out we advise you to review REDX’s California Privacy Rights, which explains all our privacy practices and your full range of choices. It will help you understand the impact of your opt-out.


Why REDX Offers This Service

When will the Opt Out Request Take into Effect?

Your request will be processed within two weeks after you respond to the confirmation email, but it could take some time before the removal of data about you becomes fully effective. Please note that this opt-out request is not effective for the removal of data that may have been provided to marketers prior to your request. To complete the opt-out request online you must provide a valid email address in order to respond to the confirmation email that validates your request.

Further Questions About Opting Out?


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Privacy and Data Opt Out Form

The information provided on this form will be used only for the purpose of removing information about you from REDX’s data products.